Monthly Archives: October 2009

Winamp Control from Launchy

I’m a big fan of the Launchy keystroke launcher, and have used f0vela’s iTuny plugin for controlling iTunes intermittently for a while. One thing that bugged me with iTuny was that the playlists always seemed to be in reverse track order. That is, if I asked iTuny to queue up everything from R.E.M.’s “Green”, I’d [...]

Good Job, Eweek (Open-Source and Mac Alternatives to Windows 7)

Sometimes these little slideshows that show up in my email turn me onto some useful piece of software I was previously unaware of, but this one sets the bar pretty low. Nine slides, sparsely describing seven GNU/Linux distributions plus Apple’s Snow Leopard. Realistically, who’s the audience for this? What subset of their subscribers isn’t aware [...]