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Winamp Control from Launchy

I’m a big fan of the Launchy keystroke launcher, and have used f0vela’s iTuny plugin for controlling iTunes intermittently for a while. One thing that bugged me with iTuny was that the playlists always seemed to be in reverse track order. That is, if I asked iTuny to queue up everything from R.E.M.’s “Green”, I’d [...]

Good Job, Eweek (Open-Source and Mac Alternatives to Windows 7)

Sometimes these little slideshows that show up in my email turn me onto some useful piece of software I was previously unaware of, but this one sets the bar pretty low. Nine slides, sparsely describing seven GNU/Linux distributions plus Apple’s Snow Leopard. Realistically, who’s the audience for this? What subset of their subscribers isn’t aware [...]

GreaseMonkey tweaks for

I’m starting to like the cleaner interface of No application spam, few/no ads, etc. And I’d used some other folks’ GreaseMonkey userscripts to unclutter or otherwise tweak regular Facebook. But aside from a bit of horizontal scrolling, the lite interface was a good fit for my tiny-screened EEEPC 8G. And with the following userscript [...]

2009 Honda Fit Interior Bike Rack

Introduction So in mid-August, we traded in our 1995-ish Ford Ranger (rated 18 mpg) for a 2009 Honda Fit (rated 29 mpg). It made me sad, but the transmission was likely to go out in the next year, and there was no way we’d get $4500 for it any other way. The only worry with [...]

My Ideal Reader

Daring Fireball is great.

When’s Your Tax Freedom Day?

Apropos Slacktivist’s Post-apocalyptic anarchy day and the Tax Foundation’s Tax Freedom Day, I got to wondering. When is my Tax Freedom day? I can’t just assume it’s April 13, like the TF folks publicize. I can’t even really use the slightly more specific one they quote for Tennessee (April 5). So, since it’s income tax [...]

Saving a copy of the “We Are One” concert from the HBO website

Disclaimer: HBO owns the rights to this concert, but they’d obviously allow you to record it from your TV onto a videotape, DVD, or onto your DVR. The method below should be comparable, but works entirely off the streaming Windows Media version on the HBO We Are One site. Don’t go violating copyright law and [...]

In Memoriam, FEB (

(With apologies to Tennyson, but the title hopefully brings a slight smile to the mix of tech geeks and literary geeks that Frank knew over the years. The below is from the local paper’s obituary, in case they take it offline later.) Friday, Jan 02, 2009 COOKEVILLE — A memorial Mass of the Resurrection for [...]

OMG, Webb Wilder walked past me!

Webb Wilder was at the Crossville Arts Council‘s Music on Main series last night. A late friend was an unabashed fanboy of Webb’s from the early/mid-90s, and I received his Doo Dad CD and Corn Flicks video from the family after the funeral. Doo Dad has worn grooves in my iPod. So my wife humored [...]

To michaelb1 at 43Folders

(So, so tired of trying to figure out why I can’t post these long-winded explanations at times. Context here.) On a certain level, it is how the web is built. And along the same lines, a class in Drupal (or any other CMS) would be like taking a class on MS Word. Practically useful in [...]