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One part mechanical engineer, one part Unix systems administrator, ten parts redneck je ne sais quoi.

To Berko at 43Folders

(Regarding this thread.) Get the book, and don’t go past Chapters 1 and 2 at first (technically, you may want to hit the first part of Chapter 5 long enough to convince yourself that you should use fsfs as the repository backend format). Gloss over anything involving resolving conflicts, merges, branches or anything else involving [...]

I’m (almost) the most famous Mike Renfro on Google

Whoo, I’m on links #8 and #9 if you search Google for Mike Renfro. Not this site, mind you, but a couple of others I either maintain or would otherwise lead people toward my current sites. Granted, it’s not a terribly common name, but on quick perusal of the first few pages of results, there’s: [...]

Working on a Sandbox adaptation of Andreas02

Granted, there’s already a WordPress adaptation of Andreas Viklund’s Andreas02 theme, but I wanted to try to adapt it to the sandbox as well. So any visual unpleasantness you see in the next few hours or days is probably due to that work. Update (9:31 PM): looks like I’m more or less done, except that [...]

Asus EEE PC 8G

Yesterday, our Asus EEE PC 8G came in. Wow. The original idea was to spend most of the evening/weekend reinstalling it with Windows XP so the wife’s got something to write reports and run SPSS on when she heads back to school in spring. But honestly, we’re keeping Windows off of it for now. The [...]

The Mind Boggles

Perhaps someone can explain this: Ok. I understand the symbols for hunting, fishing, and general nature-stalking with binoculars. But what could the question mark indicate?

Hello, World!

Since I didn’t want to junk up my work blog with things unrelated to actual work I do there, here we are. Things I’d probably talk about: Family stuff The cats World of Warcraft Funny stuff Political or other things not suited for an institutional-looking blog. Code test: ## This program computes the average of [...]