Webb Wilder was at the Crossville Arts Council's Music on Main series last night. A late friend was an unabashed fanboy of Webb's from the early/mid-90s, and I received his Doo Dad CD and Corn Flicks video from the family after the funeral. Doo Dad has worn grooves in my iPod. So my wife humored me in heading to this free concert up the road.

We set up across the street from the stage, and listened through the canned music leading up to the 6:15 live show. As I was looking around, a guy in a dark blue shirt walked out from behind us and across the street with a handful of torn legal pad sheets. I thought he resembled Webb, but I didn't get a good look at him from the front. Lo and behold, he reached into the Ford van near the stage and pulled out a fedora. OMG, Webb!
Webb rocked. Through two sets, with lots of material from Doo Dad, and lots of other songs I'd not heard before.
Partway through the second set, the local Girl Scouts commandeered the stage to announce who won various prizes from the downtown shops:

I now have a signed poster and concert DVD plus two unsigned vinyl stickers, and my wife has a Webb shirt. Awfully nice guy, puts on a great show. Now I have to go get the rest of his MP3s from Amazon. Many, many more photos in my Flickr set.